Food and Television – Where and How the Two Overlap

Food and television are some of the most popular things in the world. Food has been popular since the beginning of time due to its delicious taste and importance to life. Conversely, television has been around for a much shorter time, which varies depending on where one lives, but has experienced a meteoric rise since it was first created. Each of these things has other things that must support their existence. For example, food has food packaging and corrugated boxes, and television has cameras and microphones. When food and television come together, they fuse together and all that is left is pure magic and there are a few shows on TV today that demonstrate that perfect blend.

One of the shows that features food is Man vs. Food on the Travel Channel. This show is about a man who has had nearly every job in the restaurant industry, from dishwasher to food critic to cook. Adam Richman is the man’s name and on his show he travels from city to city eating copious amounts of food. In every city that he travels to there is a challenge that awaits the host that involves him eating enough food to effectively last for days. For example, on one episode a three pound steak was consumed. Sometimes the presenter finishes these challenges and other times he doesn’t, hence the competitive nature and title of the show.

Furthermore, there is another show on the Travel Channel that, although less competitive in nature, features food. This second show is called No Reservations and has a man named Anthony Bourdain. Bourdain travels the world and meets friends at the various locales to which he travels. During his globetrotting he finds time to sample all different kinds of local cuisine. When in Vietnam a dish was served up that, although it took awhile to translate, was eventually found out to be porcupine. Needless to say the dishes served up on this show are not things that can be found at the local grocery store.

Finally, on the Food Network there used to be a show called Emeril Live. Emeril Lagasse is a world famous cook renowned for his creativity in the kitchen, who even has his own line of food products on sale at grocery stores across the nation. The show featured Emeril cooking up some of his favorite foods and explaining to the audience how they could do the same at home. Emeril had a number of catchphrases on his show, including the most well known where he would yell “Bam!” when putting an ingredient in a pot or kettle.

TV and food are two of the most popular things in the world, and that is not something that will change any time soon. Because of the growing need and demand for media in global culture, in fact the popularity of television should only grow as time goes on. For food enthusiasts, this growth of television and media exposure could be a great thing as more and more good chefs and industry experts share their opinions on food and allow every day people to emulate their culinary masterpieces.